12V 24V LED Central controller Surfaced Recessed Mounting Touch Dimmer Switch

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The Central Controller Switch with Touch Dimmer is a versatile, stylish, and practical choice for controlling your LED lights with ease.  Its modern design, multifunctional capabilities, and compatibility with multiple LED lights make it an ideal solution for a variety of applications.  Upgrade your lighting control system with the Central Controller Switch, and experience the convenience and style it has to offer.

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S4B-JA0详情_01 S4B-JA0详情_02 S4B-JA0详情_03This sleek and modern switch is designed for both round shape recessed and surfaced installations, making it an ideal choice for a variety of applications including kitchen and cabinet use.  The Central Controller Switch features a hole size of 12mm, allowing for a seamless and professional installation.  Available in both black and white finishes, this switch is sure to complement any décor.

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Its multifunctional design allows for easy ON/OFF and Dimming capabilities, providing ultimate control over your lighting ambiance.  One of the standout features of this switch is its ability to be used with multiple LED lights, offering a convenient and centralized control system.  Whether you are looking to illuminate a larger space or simply coordinate the lighting in multiple areas, this switch has you covered.  Compatible with both DC 12V and 24V, the Central Controller Switch is a versatile choice for a wide range of applications.



With its easy-to-use functionality and sleek design, the Central Controller Switch is the perfect choice for adding a touch of sophistication and practicality to your space.  Whether used in the kitchen, closet, or elsewhere, this switch offers a convenient and stylish solution for your lighting control needs.


Connection and Lighting solutions

For LED Sensor switches, You need to connect led strip light and led driver to be as a set.
Take an example, You can use flexible strip light with door trigger sensors in a wardrobe. When you open the wardrobe, The light wil be on. When you close the wardrobe, The light will be off.


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  • 1. Part One: Touch Sensor Switch Parameters

    Model S4A-JA0
    Function ON/OFF/Dimmer
    Size Φ13.8x18mm
    Voltage DC12V / DC24V
    Max Wattage 60W
    Detecting Range Touch type
    Protection Rating IP20

    2. Part Two: Size information

    S4B-JA0 Touch sensor switch (1)

    3. Part Three: Installation

    S4B-JA0 Touch sensor switch (2)

    4. Part Four: Connection Diagram

    S4B-JA0 Touch sensor switch (3)


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