Mirror Cabinet LED Lighting Hand Motion Sensor Switch With Stepless Dimming

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Our Mirror Cabinet LED Lighting Hand Wave Sensor provides you with a seamless and effortless mirror lighting solution.  With its square-shaped and black finish, it perfectly complements the aesthetics of any space.  The hand wave sensor switch, gesture sensor, and stepless dimming feature empower you to control the lighting with ease, while the indicator ensures you always know its status.

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12v Infrared Inductive Human Hand Wave Motion Sensor Led Lighting Switch For Bathroom Mirror Cabinet, Mirror Cabinet LED Lighting Hand Wave Sensor

This innovative lighting solution combines functionality and style to enhance your everyday mirror usage experience. With its square-shaped design and sleek black finish, this custom-made lighting fixture is both visually appealing and practical. The Mirror Cabinet LED Lighting Hand Wave Sensor features a convenient 3M tape mounting system, allowing for easy installation on any mirror surface.

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Simply wave your hand in front of the sensor, and the light turns on instantly. Wave again, and the light switches off.  But that's not all - this fixture also includes a gesture sensor feature. By holding your hand over the sensor, you can adjust the brightness of the light through stepless dimming. To make your experience even more convenient, the Mirror Cabinet LED Lighting Hand Wave Sensor is equipped with an indicator. When the light is on, the indicator emits a soft blue glow, and when it is off, the indicator emits a gentle white light.


This lighting fixture is specifically designed for mirror use, making it an ideal addition to your bathroom, vanity area, or any other space with a mirror. The mirror cabinet LED lighting hand wave sensor combines the efficiency of modern technology with user-friendly operation, making it a must-have for those seeking convenience and style in their daily routines.

Connection and Lighting solutions

For LED Sensor switches, You need to connect led strip light and led driver to be as a set.
Take a example, You can use flexible strip light with door trigger sensors in a wardrobe. When you open the wardrobe, The light wil be on. When you close the wardrobe, The light will be off.

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  • 1. Part One: Mirror Switch Parameters

    Model S7B-A5P S7D-A5P
    Function ON/OFF/Gesture sensor ON/OFF/Gesture sensor/CCT Change
    Size 37x51x12mm, 65x45x4mm(Clips)
    Voltage DC12V / DC24V
    Max Wattage 60W
    Detecting Range 5-8cm
    Protection Rating IP20

    2. Part Two: Size information

    3. Part Three: Installation

    4. Part Four: Connection Diagram


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